Advanced Coderz Team

Emulating Your Dreams


Emulator Season Classic

General information

Client Version 0.97D

GameServerInfo - Common

Welcome Message System upon login
SQL Connection System
Server Level Limit System
Item Time System on the Ground
Time System to select char and exit the game
VIP Room Special Room System [NEW]
VIP Bonus EXP System [NEW]
VIP-type Infinite Pet System [NEW]
Infinite Potions System by vip type [NEW]
VIP Infinite Flex System [NEW]
Potions Delay system for each pot [NEW]
Shadow Phantom Soldier BOT System [NEW]
LevelUp Points System by Class
Summon Elf System
Transformation Ring System
Jewel Rate System
Original Drops Rate System
ChaosMachine System Rate Settings
Golden Monster Map System
Pot Percentage System (Life and Mana)

GameServerInfo - CalCharacter

CalCharacter On / Off System
Item System + 15 added
Splitter System for all classes
Fully Configurable PVP System

GameServerInfo - Skill

Complete ManaShield Skill Formula
Greater Life Skill Formula (Blade Knight Buff)
Defense (Elf Buff) Skill Time System [NEW]
Attack (Elf Buff) Skill Time System [NEW]
Healing Life (Elf Buff) Skill Formula [NEW]
Monster Definition System for each summon Orb
Level Skills Definition System

GameServerInfo - Party

Party Level System
Party Player XP System
Party-by-class EXP system
DevilSquare Party Players XP System
DevilSquare Party-by-Class EXP System

GameServerInfo - Attack

Time Limit System in minutes using auto attack [NEW]
Minimum Level System [NEW]
System Accepts Command with Offline Mode [NEW]
Map System prohibited from using Auto Attack [NEW]

GameServerInfo - Commands

Command / Post // With 3-color flood protection system
Command / PKClear // Clear Player Pk
Command / HeroClear // Clear Player Hero
Command / AddPK // Add pk to the level the player wants
Command / Zen // Adds the zen the player wants
Command / ClearInv // Clear Player inventory in 3 ways
Command / Chest // Changing dupe-protected chests
Command / add // Aadd Player Points
Command / Attack // Player Auto Attacks
Command / AttackOff // Turn Off Automatic Atack
Command / OffAttack // Player Strikes ONLIME even when leaving the game

GameServerInfo - GameMaster

Command / Drop // Command to create items
Command / Skin // Transform Monsters Command
Command / MoveAll // Move all players
Command / MoveGuild // Move Entire Guild
Command / Disconnect // Disconnect Player
Commando / Trace // Go to player
Command / Track // bring the player
Command / Block // Block Player
Command / UnBlock // Unlock Player
Command / Ban // Ban Account
Command / UnBan // Unban Account

GameServerInfo - Reset

Added key to turn on the system
Added 2 types of punctual / cumulative reset
Added configurable zen request
Added check can't reset with items
Added upper resets check
Added move check for source map
Added level check to reset from 0 to 1000
Added HP / MP / SD Balance
Added Check for 3 types of vips
Added level After reset
Added points for reset
Added points After hard reset
Added points After agility reset
Added points After resetting in vitality
Added points After power reset
Added Configurable Syntax / Reset

New Map System

Limit up to 25 maps on server
PvP in new maps Fixed
Monster respawn error on new maps
Item Drop Error on New Maps
Error reading monsters on new maps
Players respawn error on new maps [NEW]

New Duel System

New Map to Duel Configurable [HOT]
Duel Invitation System [HOT]
Invitation Deny Return [HOT]
Return of Invitation Time [HOT]
Move to Duel Rooms [HOT]
Global Duelist Announcement [HOT]
Duelist Fujão Global Announcement [HOT]
Configurable Invitation Time System [HOT]
Checks on (opponent) trade chaosbox zen etc .. [HOT]
Duel Leaderboard [HOT]
4 Simultaneous Duels on the Same Map [HOT]
Automatic Release of Duel Rooms [HOT]
Room Checks for Next Duel [HOT]
Map (x) coordinate (x) configurable coordinate (y) [HOT]
Non-VIP Restrictions Configurable [HOT]
Scoreboard Info for Duelists [HOT]
Configurable Duel Round Configuration [HOT]
Random Living Room Respawn System [HOT]
Spectator System [HOT]
Spectator Room Information System [HOT]
Configurable Viewer Skins System [HOT]
Duel Command Syntax Configurable (/ Duel / yes / Room) [HOT]

GameServerInfo - Jewels

Jewel Rate Success System [HOT]
Jewelery Item System [HOT]
Add Level System [HOT]
Add Luck System [HOT]
System for Add Option [HOT]
Excelent Add System [HOT]
System to Add ExcelentOption [HOT]
Add System MaximoOptions [HOT]

Golden Summoning Scroll

Golden Goblin Scrolll [HOT]
Golden Taikan Scrolll [HOT]
Golden Dragon Scrolll [HOT]
Golden Lizard Scrolll [HOT]
Golden Tantalo Scrolll [HOT]

Basic Protection

Trade Hack Protection.
Dupe hacker protection.
Disconnect hacker protection.
Flood Protection.
Unicode create char protection.
Unicode create guild protection.

Main 97d

Changeable IP Switching System
Changeable Version Swap System
Changeable Serial Exchange System
In-Game CPU Consumption Reduction System
Monster Hp Bar System [HOT]
32-item system by category
Item Brightness System + 15
Static Effect System for Items and Wings [HOT]
Lightweight 3D system without graphic errors
Agility System
MiniMap System
FPS Control System
Animated Select Char System [HOT]
Fog System
Glow System
New Jewelry System [HOT]
New Scrolls System [HOT]
Extremely Easy Main Management System [GetMain] [HOT]